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MadCap Flare consultant

Starting in January, 2015, I have been consulting to Spectracom of Rochester, NY, assisting its documentation staff. We are extending a large MadCap Flare project originally designed to produce print documentation for several Spectracom products so it can produce HTML5 output. Tasks include advising on how to optimize content (both text and graphics) for online use, expanding the project’s stylesheet and table stylesheets, and designing the HTML5 skin using Flare 11’s newly-introduced Top Nav skin and related skin components.

Sorry, but this client’s work is proprietary, so I may not provide samples.

MadCap Flare consultant, designer

In 2014, Miller & Mattson, a high-tech marketing and technical communications agency in Portland, OR, engaged me as their “Flare guru.” I migrated their client’s documentation into Flare from Word, DITA, and Doxygen, faithfully reproducing the appearance and behavior of the PDFs by which the documentation was distributed. In early 2015, I extended the Flare project to produce clean, easy-to-use, branded, and responsive HTML5 “tripane” output.

You can visit M&M’s client’s documentation here: HSA Library.

(Why doesn’t the HTML5 system use Flare’s new Top Nav design? Coincidentally, both the HSA Library and Flare 11 were released on the same day. I’m already strategying how to improve the library’s presentation during the next round of updates.)

Information architect, author

Since 2011, I have been the information architect and lead MadCap Flare author of a large body of HTML5 help content for a manufacturing company in Rochester, NY. I designed and directed the original implementation of this client’s multi-author, single-sourcing workflow; I have contributed large portions of original content (including illustrations) to the help system; and I designed a branded tripane skin and stylesheet to match an update to the software product’s UI in 2014. In Q3 2015, I will upgrade the HTML5 help system to Flare 11’s new Top Nav design.

Sorry, but this client’s work is proprietary, so I may not provide samples.

MadCap Flare consultant, designer

eLearning Innovation, an instructional design and development company based in New Hampshire, has traditionally used Microsoft Word for its clients’ curriculum materials. In mid–2014, EI engaged me to design a multi-author, single-sourcing workflow based on MadCap Flare. I designed several Flare project templates that relied heavily on reusable content and could produce Word output; trained key personnel in the templates’ use; and provided guidance for extending the templates to support additional formats such as HTML5.

In December 2014, I returned to enhance and extend the original design to meet new requirements. I was also invited to co-present with EI’s CEO Laurie Pulido a showcase session on the templates at the MadWorld Learning Conference held in April 2015 in San Diego, CA. In 2015, I’ve been providing ad hoc Flare consulting to EI’s Flare authors.

Technical writer, help author

On a regular basis for West, a Thomson Reuters business, I maintain several Flare projects of which I am the original designer and from which I produce multiple outputs:

  • Quick start guides
  • Full-length user manuals
  • Online help systems that support context-sensitive access

My client’s team members are located in Rochester NY, Washington DC, Michigan, and Minnesota.

View a sample quick start guide and a sample user guide.

Lead web editor

For the Commission for Case Manager Certification, based in Mount Laurel NJ, I am managing a long-term engagement for the editing of web content for the Commission’s subscription-based Case Management Body-of-Knowledge.

I edit some of the articles myself, while for others, I engage subcontracting editors who work under my direct guidance.

View a sample article.

Training designer, developer

From May to September 2014, the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority engaged me to design and develop employee training materials regarding its new Transit Center, which began operations on November 28, 2014. I worked closely with RGRTA’s technical writing and training staff to repurpose existing material and create new material in support of training that was already underway.

MAD Certified in Flare

MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) certified in Flare since 2009

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