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I don’t like to be idle. And I’m passionate about learning and about helping others to learn.

Here’s how I satisfy my passion:

  • I’m learning — and teaching — about MadCap Central — I’ve been learning how to use MadCap Central’s new Reviews functionality so that I can support my clients whose subject matter experts and other contributors want to directly edit their Flare-based content. Check out my Subject Matter Experts’ Guide to MadCap Central, a work-in-progress, developed with MadCap Flare, for a fictional client called Our Client.
  • Getting ready for MadWorld 2019 in San Diego — MadWorld is my favorite conference, bar none. Next April, I’ll be presenting “Analyze This!”, in which we’ll explore the new project analysis features built-into MadCap Flare 2018, and “MadCap Flare Listapalooza”, in which I’ll demonstrate a variety of list and pseudo-list HTML structures and CSS formatting that go beyond standard ordered and unordered lists.
  • I co-manage the MadCap Flare User Groups Slack community — I co-founded this vibrant community in 2017, along with other Flare user group managers around the world and in collaboration with MadCap Software. As of Q4 2018, we’re up to 518 members. I enjoy learning from and mentoring my fellow Flare authors.

MAD Certified in Flare

MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) certified in Flare since 2009

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