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2018-2019 and Ongoing Projects


  • OM Partners – Starting in November 2018 for a short-term project that will last into the new year, I will assist the Documentation and Training department by designing and helping to implement a new project architecture to replace a massive MadCap Flare project whose current architecture poses significant authoring challenges.
  • Portland General Electric – From 2016 to present, the BeckComm team has provided Flare architectural and design consulting, migration and production, and editorial oversight in support of a team of ten business writers (non-Flare users) who triennially develop PGE’s Integrated Resource Plan, in compliance with Oregon’s Public Utilities Commission. In 2016, said plan ran more than 800 pages. The 2019 plan has recently begun development. Output type is currently PDF, but PGE desires in future to output to HTML5.
  • Quality Vision International, Inc. – From 2010 to present, I provide Flare consulting, Help system architecture and design oversight, and senior editorial oversight to the Help authoring team within the Software Product Development department. Output type is Top Navigation HTML5.
  • Mahindra Automotive of North America (through MadCap Software) – In 2017, I designed the architecture of a Flare project and assisted in migrating Word-based Owner’s Manual content. Output type was PDF. I provided handoff documentation and training. In 2018, I have extended the Flare project several times to design new document types, such as service bulletins and safety bulletins.
  • Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority – Working collaboratively with the Authority’s Safety and Security Committee and using Flare, in 2018 I wrote and produced the 2018 System Safety Program Plan, a document submitted biennially to the New York State Transportation Safety Board.
  • ZOLL Medical Corporation – In 2018, I provided Flare architecture and design services to optimize several existing Flare projects to make them easier to maintain and to update their branding. Output type was PDF. I provided handoff documentation and training.

Other ongoing engagements

  • Telegram Group, LLC – Since January 2018, the BeckComm team has provided editorial services, particularly for white papers, technical specifications, blog articles, and sundry other document types, as requested.
  • Xerox Corporation – From 2000 to present, the BeckComm team has provided technical writing, editing, and production services to a department responsible for the standards and policies dealing with global product compliance. Since 2017, the BeckComm team has been migrating the Word-based standards and policies into Flare, as well as updating documents and writing new documents.
  • HSA Foundation – Since 2014 to present, the BeckComm team has supported the production of a body of API documentation, written “by committee,” using Flare as the publishing engine. Output types are PDF and Tripane and Top Navigation HTML5. I designed the Flare project and devised the import and review workflows; my subcontractors provide Flare production and editorial services.
  • Commission for Case Manager Certification – Since 2008, the BeckComm team has provided “web editing” services for the content published in the Commission’s subscription-based Case Management Body-of-Knowledge. I edit some of the articles myself, while for others, I engage subcontracting editors who work under my direct guidance.

MAD Certified in Flare

MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) certified in Flare since 2009

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