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2016-2017 Projects

  • eLogic Learning, LLC (through MadCap Software) – The BeckComm team designed a new Flare project and migrated a large Word-based software user manual. Output types were PDF and Top Navigation HTML5. I designed the project, devised the migration rules and processes, and provided handoff documentation and training. In addition to Flare production tasks, my subcontractor edited the client’s content.
  • Canadian Cardiovascular Society (through MadCap Software) – I assisted two new Flare users by adapting MadCap’s Balboa template (Top Navigation HTML5), branding it for CCS, and devising the migration rules and processes for migrating Word-based content. I provided handoff documentation and training.
  • Thomson Reuters – Between 1994 through 2017, the BeckComm team wrote and produced software application documentation for (print guides and online .chm Help) for several product teams located in Rochester NY, Washington DC, Michigan, and Minnesota. By 2011, we had migrated all legacy source to MadCap Flare. By early 2017, all of the products had been sunset and our engagement came to an end. It was a lovely ride, and we are tremendously grateful to our TR clients!
  • Federal Aviation Administration (through MadCap Software) – In 2016, I was engaged as the follow-on Flare consultant to assist with extending another consultant’s design in response to new client requirements.
  • Aerotech (through MadCap Software) – In 2016, I provided ad hoc, on-demand consulting to a Flare user who desired to optimize her existing projects and to receive one-on-one training in response to her specific needs.
  • TransNation – In 2016, I was engaged to transform, as a proof of concept with Flare, a traditional printed user manual to a set of responsive HTML5 pages intended primarily for viewing a smartphone.
  • NuoDB – In 2016, I provided ad hoc, on-demand consulting to a team of Flare authors to assist with the optimization of their projects.
  • Blackline (through MadCap Software) – In 2016, I provided ad hoc, on demand consulting to a new Flare user who had inherited a Flare project, was uncertain how to proceed, and needed to get up to speed quickly.
  • PASCO Scientific – In 2016, I was engaged to extend two existing Flare projects by designing Top Navigation HTML5; additionally, updated existing content and wrote new content.
  • SafeNet Assured Technologies, LLC (through MadCap Software) – In 2015-2016, I was engaged by this company soon after their spinoff from a larger corporation and prior to their hiring technical writing staff. I rebranded and updated content in several existing Flare projects.

MAD Certified in Flare

MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) certified in Flare since 2009

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