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Nita was instrumental in the success of our project in Fall 2017 to use MadCap Flare for our medical guidelines. In addition to her excellent technical skills, she listened to our needs and collaborated on solutions that worked specifically for our project. She not only helped us create the site framework and features but also transferred the knowledge we need to update the site content in the future. Nita was a pleasure to work with, always responsive and willing to find solutions. I highly recommend Nita as a MadCap Flare consultant.

– Susan Oliver, Director Strategic Initiatives
Canadian Cardiovascular Society
Ottawa, ON

I contracted with Nita after the responsibility for updating my company’s Online Help using MadCap Flare was transferred to me in Q1 2016.  Nita was able to help me fix the issues that concerned me about our file and provided me with wonderful training on everything from how to add tables and content into Flare to definitions of all that Flare has to offer (target options, skins, variables, etc.).  I can’t express how nervous I was to take on the responsibility of maintaining and updating the Flare project and how much better I feel about it and how prepared I am for that responsibility now that I have spent time with Nita.

– Cheryl Lutz, CPA
Product Manager, BlackLine
Los Angeles, CA

The work that Nita has done with her MadCap Flare wizardry has enabled me to do much more than merely impress my client: it has brought me additional work. Just the quality of the output from MadCap Flare impresses, but having an expert such as Nita making it happen behind the scenes has made it look easy, allowing my client to look beyond the original scope to new projects to add to the queue. In addition to brilliant work, Nita has the strong work ethic, non-nonsense attitude, friendly demeanor, and direct communication style that I appreciate and that goes a long way to making a project run smoothly. With Nita I have not just a great subcontractor to do MadCap Flare work, I have a partner in providing communications services to my own clients.

– Kathleen Mattson
Program Manager, Miller & Mattson
Portland, OR

Nita brings to the table a level of technical communications capability that, in my experience, is unsurpassed in the upstate New York area. We engaged her on a challenging project to expedite the logical design of the help system for a highly technical software application using a new help authoring tool. Nita took this demanding project in stride through close collaboration with our subject matter experts, combined with her in-depth expertise in help system architecture. Most notable was her ability to quickly grasp the metrology domain and the various workflows involved in dimensional inspection. The goals for this engagement were met with the highest quality deliverables and an extensible help system design that has stood the test of time.

– John Cook
Quality Vision International, Inc.
Rochester, NY

Nita is the best software technical writer I’ve ever worked with. She can do everything from user help to API documentation. She’s fun to work with, she’s smart and very reliable, and her work has won her many awards.

– Jim Haungs
Musetta, LLC
San Francisco, CA

Nita Beck is one of the best writers and project managers I have ever worked with. Having done many projects with her and her team, I can say that the projects were always handled professionally, expertly, and the information content was always top-notch. Her documentation sets are a thing of beauty, and since she has won awards of Excellence for her work in the Society of Technical Communication’s annual competition, I think I’m not biased about that. She’s great; it’s as simple as that!

– Jan Wright
Wright Information Indexing Services

I met Nita Beck when I hired her to write a software user guide for Logical Operations (now Element K). What impressed me about Nita was not just her writing skill (which was superior), but also her ability to design the document’s content, structure and appearance, and her ability to manage the documentation development on a tight deadline. We were extremely pleased! I’ve worked with Nita many times since then. I find that she has keen instincts about how to structure information for optimal learning and usability and I am often in awe of her ability to use tools and technologies to their best advantage. I highly recommend Nita for any technical communications needs you may have.

– Lorraine (Calcagno) Kupka
Precise Communications

Nita is an excellent editor, especially in getting content ready for delivery on the web. She understands how people use Internet sources as well as how to make the content more usable and effective online. She is a true collaborator who emphasizes effective communication, both in her work product as well as in how she handles completing her projects. I would definitely use Nita again and have her high at the top of my list for the next project that involves web content.

– Tricia Sutton
MSc, MBA, PMP®, NPDP President, Sutton Enterprises, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Nita and her team were instrumental in eLogic Learning’s conversion in August 2017 from a Microsoft Word-based user guide to a MadCap Flare-based HTML5 online help system. They were incredibly detailed in not only converting the Word document into Flare, but also in identifying grammatical inconsistencies that had existed in some sections of our user guide for years. They delivered a complete end-to-end solution for our organization, including a step-by-step instruction document so that we could handle future updates on our own. We would not have been successful in this Word-to-Flare migration without the team at Nita Beck Communications.

– Greg Shell, Vice President
eLogic Learning, LLC
Tampa, FL

Nita Beck has proven to be a great partner for SafeNet Assured Technologies. She has helped us create materials for several product launches. Ever resourceful, she has tackled all projects thrown her way no matter how difficult with endless patience. Through Nita’s guidance, we’ve been able to develop a better understanding of MadCap Flare’s capabilities in order to develop best-in-class resources for our customers.

– Alison Maine, Marketing Manager
SafeNet Assured Technologies, LLC
Abingdon, MD

Nita and her team worked with us on a pilot project to bring online a large archive of garden design materials. We asked her to focus on the information design needed to incorporate digital images of unique items in a range of media with metadata for every image and a three-level index to the contents. Nita created a prototype for us that could be scaled up to address our full archive. She and her team were exceptionally responsive, implementing modified approaches to design and answering questions quickly, often within hours. Nita’s clear thinking and deep experience helped us to address core functions and prioritize desired enhancements for our website. Her project management and communication skills are excellent. The documentation supplied at the end of the project was thorough. We would love to work with Nita and her team again.

– Sheila Klos
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library
Washington, DC

As the product manager for a commercial specialty application, I have worked with Nita since 2007. Throughout that time, Nita has provided top-notch authoring and content management for the software’s user guide and help system. She is deeply knowledgeable, collaborative, and trustworthy, bringing a high standard of excellence to her work product and to the management of our provider-client relationship. In 2009, Nita proposed and executed the migration of all Help and User Guide content into MadCap Flare from a combination of RoboHelp and desktop publishing systems. We benefited immediately from that project, taking advantage of Flare’s flexibility to redevelop the content in conjunction with a major software upgrade, and to bring the content into compliance with DITA standards. Throughout the project, Nita championed the value that these enhancements would deliver to our customers. I consider Nita an invaluable asset to the product team, and it is my pleasure to recommend her highly.

– Dave Everson
(Formerly) Lead Publishing Coordinator, Thomson Reuters
Rochester, NY

Nita provided the integrated help system for our line of music software products. She successfully worked with a virtual team of writers, index creators, and graphics designers. Her results were always of the highest quality. In addition, her communication skills were impeccable. She was able to coordinate a group of remote people who never had the chance to meet in person. Most importantly, she delivered results on time and was always mindful of interim deliverables.

– Aaron Higgins
CEO, Sound Trends, LLC (Formerly, CEO, MixMeister Technology)

Nita has a knowledgeable, informative, and proactive attitude and a collaborative approach that resulted in the successful completion of the technical documentation for in-house software we created. Although not a (software) developer, she does have knowledge of the concepts and the ability to quickly grasp the purpose for what was done. Nita’s professionalism, drive, and skill writing documentation were instrumental in the successful completion of (our) project.

– Jay L. Toops
Sr. Database Administrator Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

I am the designer of the Intuitive Estate Planner software published by Thomson Reuters (West). For many years Nita has authored the (software’s User) Manual. I have found her work to be technically superior, imaginative, well written and effectively designed. I (also) write regular reviews of software for Estate Planning Magazine and (in July 2005 reviewed) Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements (DWTA) published by Thomson Reuters (West), for which Nita prepared the help system. … Because of the nature of the DWTA product as a document assembly system, (the help system) has to be extensive, detailed and context specific. It does a great job of fulfilling these goals and is a high quality help system.

– Donald H. Kelley
Kelley Publications, LLC

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