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Birth of the Rochester Flare User Group

Birth of the Rochester Flare User Group

In 2008, I started my transition in earnest to MadCap Flare, an XML-based authoring tool for developing technical documentation, in particular online Help systems (at the time; I since use it for much more). I was no longer satisfied with RoboHelp, and had years before abandoned Doc-to-Help. I had acquired Flare in 2006 at Version 1, but didn’t start using it for paying work until 2008.

As many Flare users will tell you, the Flare learning curve is very steep (hence, some have called it a cliff). Having gone through MadCap training, made almost daily visits to MadCap’s user forums, and read all the documentation I could lay my hands on—and after countless, often frustrating, hours experimenting—I realized what I needed: Colleagues.

So in 2009 I founded the Rochester Flare User Group, an in-the-flesh community of practice of MadCap Flare users. We’re a lively group of “propeller heads” (geek-speak for Flare users) who meet monthly September through June.

Actually, we trade tips-n-tricks well beyond Flare, especially about other tools to use “around” Flare that can streamline authoring processes. Even if you’re a Flare newbie—especially so—come join us!

Interested in starting your own Flare user group? Please, pick my brain! Got some questions about how to get organized? Just leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you soon!

The Rochester Flare User Group is not a substitute for MadCap Software training, technical support, or user forums. It is not affiliated with MadCap, although it enjoys their kind attention.

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