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As Woody Guthrie would say, “So long, it’s been good to know you!”

After 32 years as owner of a technical communications consultancy, I am now retired. Nita Beck Communications is closed as of 2024, save for a few remaining projects that are in transition. I won’t be taking on new clients.

To the many clients to whom I provided services since 1992, thank you so much for your patronage. In ways small and large, but all positive, you changed my and my family’s lives.

To all my tech comm friends over the years, it has been lovely knowing you and, for many, having the pleasure of working with or for you.

I extend an especially fond farewell to my many friends in the MadCap Flare community. Although I’ll no longer be a practicing Flare user and designer, you may see me pop up in the MadCap user forums and in the Flare Slack community.

Again, thank you all! I will miss you as I move on to new adventures.

Peace to all,
Nita Beck

—December 21, 2023

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